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Lift Your Spirits at the Miami Greek Festival

Lift your spirits!  Come visit our booth at the St. Sophia Greek Festival in Miami, Florida, USA. We'll be celebrating the 40th anniversary of St. Sophia's fantastic Greek Fest! Be the first to see Maria-Tina's newest pieces, jewelry & gift collection.  Come by and hunt for your favorite new treasures.

Fri, Sat, Sun, March 2, 3, and 4, 2018.  11am - 11pm, Sun. 11am - 9pm

Enjoy Opa!  Dance, Music, Cuisine, Culture, History, Hospitality.

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Greece at Your Fingertips

Make your favorite summer outfits shine with Maria-Tina's latest piece, the Star Path Ring. This sleek, simple design is inspired by the modern lines trending now but with a signature Maria-Tina ode to antiquity. Simple enough to be worn with your favorite tee shirt and shorts yet elegant and sparkly enough to stand out against your best dress at an elegant evening party. No matter how fancy or festive your summer plans, this piece is sure to make your outfit sparkle and bring the Greek Isles to your fingertips. 

Star Path Ring $2400

  • 14 Karat Rose Gold and Blue Diamonds 
  • 13 blue diamonds in the front and 1 in the back
  • 1 ready to ship size 7
  • Custom made to your size
  • Call Maria-Tina at (415) 299-1442 to order or to set up a custom design consultation

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Show-Stoppers for Burning Man

Spirals, hearts, gold and turquoise, Maria-Tina's designs on paper, video and now in jewelry have always attracted the attention and adoration  of artists from across the world. For years she has been collaborating with fellow artists, creating unique, often outrageous and always beautiful custom pieces that blend their style with hers. Now Maria-Tina is working on a series of headpieces for festival goers (AKA Burners) at Burning Man! 

What is the Burning Man Festival? Watch the video and learn the history. 
Made of solid copper wire and encrusted with vintage faceted glass gems this head piece will be worn by a special friend at the 2015 Burning Man festival.
These crowns of creativity are meant to inspire and bring to light the fun, free spiritedness of Maria-Tina and her design aesthetic. She's like a Greek Betsy Johnson, and these crowns are here to prove it!  To order your own custom, show-stopping crown, call Maria-Tina directly at (415) 299-1442.

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Ancient Bronze


Browsing the fashion jewelry section of Bloomingdale's or Nordstrom today you might find more pieces made of Ancient Bronze than you've ever seen before. Larger jewelers and retailers are starting to catch on to something Maria-Tina has known for years. Ancient Bronze is a great metal for that sparkly rose gold look for a lower price. 

So What is Ancient Bronze?

Ancient Bronze is a metal alloy first created in ancient times and composed of a combination of 10% tin and 90% copper. Bronze has been used since the 4th millennium B.C.E. by many different cultures and civilizations around the world. But it was commonly found in archaeological dig sites in Iran and Thailand where both tin and copper are found in the same location naturally. Ancient Bronze was such a strong and useful metal it was used for everything from tools and weapons to jewelry and headdresses.

Today Bronze is a beautiful alternative metal for fashion jewelry offering the look of rose gold without the hefty price tag. Like great art, each piece of Maria-Tina's bronze jewelry is unique because of her process and how special properties in the metal react under fire. The color/ finish of bronze can range from antiqued gold to rose gold with different patinas. 

Maria-Tina offers many of her best designs in Ancient Bronze at great prices. Shop her Ancient Bronze collection now!

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The Dirt on your Bohemian Baubles

The hottest trend in fashion and jewelry right now is the Bohemian Look, a mix of traditional Native American and East Asian designs. But before you buy those Bohemian baubles you should know a few things...

East Asian: These gorgeous pieces draw our eye with their tinny shine and bright colored stones but its important to keep in mind that currency exchange rates aren't the only reason prices are cheap. 

METALS: The tinny color of some east Asian silver jewelry comes from a slightly different metal content. In Asia a piece of jewelry considered sterling silver contains only 90% silver and 10% zinc compared to USA 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. By using tin instead of copper, East Asian jewelry is produced more cheaply, is less durable, and may tarnish quicker than American sterling silver. Maria-Tina's silver is always high quality sterling with no less than 92.5% silver. Check out Maria-Tina's Sterling Silver collection


Native American: High quality, authentic Native American jewelry can be hard to find, but if you know the signs of quality craftsmanship you're more likely to score some great deals. As always, get to know the logos of notable artists and look for the maker's mark on the back of the jewelry. 

TURQUOISE: Over the years Maria-Tina has taken apart old jewelry for makeovers and discovered the dirty secrets behind cheap Native American jewelry. Behind those gorgeous stones there is sometimes cardboard or sawdust used as a filler to make up for very thin pieces of stone. As a buyer, it is very difficult to detect if the piece you are buying has as much turquoise appears, but if you look for heftier pieces that have a substantial feeling in your hand you are more likely to get a good piece of jewelry. Using only thick, solid pieces of turquoise in her pieces, that hefty feel is always present in Maria-Tina's Minoan Jewelry. Check out her extensive collection of turquoise jewelry

Maria-Tina has a collection of her own bohemian baubles and loves them all. At we want you to be educated and enjoy these bangles and baubles too but know when you want museum-quality pieces Maria-Tina is the one to go to!

Wishing you love, light and a little bit of Opa!

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Sapphires For Your Love



Here at Greek Island House we are pleased to welcome in the year with new projects and new pieces for all of you.  I have some beautiful new sapphires to play with and am asking for your thoughts on what to make with them.  I wasn't looking for them, I just happened to be at my secret industry-only gemstone dealer in San Francisco, where I go through security and must get buzzed in through an iron gate, only to be welcomed by the owner and his stacks of trays of sparkling precious gems...  Then I spotted them... a gorgeous pair of deep, rich, red, dome-shaped, beautifully faceted, 12 mm diameter sapphires!  They reminded me of pomegranates!  There's only one pair and they will make beautiful earrings or cuff links, in gold, sterling or vermeil. I am offering them up to you first so let's create a custom piece using these beauties just in time for Valentine's Day! Prices starting at $750 please contact me directly to set up a design consultation!       415-299-1442 



In the meantime here is a little ancient Greek inspiration for you... a poem from the book " The Anakreontea" dating from between 100 - 600 BCE.       OPA!

It is a joy to walk 
where the meadows are in bloom, 
where gentle Zephros exhales his sweet breath, 
To look on the vines of Backchos, 
And then to enter under the blanket of their leaves, 
In your arms a silky girl, 
Every inch of her redolent 
of the essences of Kypris. 

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    Decorate That Helping Hand!

    You know the problem...when you have to buy presents for those people you can't quite put your finger on.  You know, when you just can't remember if they have pierced ears or not, or if they wear necklaces, and you definitely don't feel comfortable buying them a ring.  Well, a gift card just doesn't cut it, and an a bouquet of flowers says you forgot until ten minutes ago when you were waiting in line at the grocery store.  The solution... a bracelet of course!  Think about it, one size fits most!  All you have to do is pick a color and style, wrap it up and there you go, you have yourself a thoughtful gift that will make them sparkle every time they put it on!
    With six different styles / semi-precious stones to choose from, Maria-Tina's Love Bracelets are the perfect solution to your tricky gift problems!  All bracelets feature sterling silver or 24 karat gold vermeil "Open Floating Heart" and heart lobster clasp closures, semi precious stones (Turquoise, Moonstone, Garnet, Onyx, Rose Quartz or Amethyst) and tiny sterling silver daisy beads artfully scattered throughout. They look great stacked too!
    Sterling silver .................. Regular $125  Special $98
    24 karat gold vermeil ...... Regular $175  Special $145
    But don't wait until the last minute to place your order, at Greek Island House, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year.  Between designing new and exciting pieces for you and fulfilling custom orders, Maria-Tina is hard at work finishing all your sparkly beautiful jewelry in time for those holiday parties.  So start shopping early at our online store, or schedule an appointment with Maria-Tina and get your present rolling before its too late! 


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    Harvest the Seasons's Shiniest Pieces Now!

    Shop our the latest pieces now!

    Fall is the harvest season and in Greece the fruits of the season are Pomegranates. Here at Greek Island House we are honoring the harvest with a few new pieces featuring garnet cabochon "pomegranate seeds". Fitting to the stone's etymology, the name garnet actually comes from the word granatum, the pomegranate. As a traditional symbol of fertility and femininity, the pomegranate has been a feature symbol in Greek art and literature for thousands of years and plays a major part in Maria-Tina's Jewelry today. So harvest your crop of Maria-Tina Minoan Jewelry today and enjoy the splendor the season.


    Open Heart Rings with Garnet "Pomegranate Seeds" 

    • Hand hammered solid sterling silver heart rings
    • LEFT rhodolite garnet (magenta or plum hues)
    • RIGHT almandine garnet (brick red)
    • $145 each special ($165 each regular price) 



    Did you know?... the Spanish City of Granada was named after the delicious fruit. 


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    Viva la Dolce Vita!

    We had so much fun researching couture inspiration for you all last week that we couldn't help but share some more. This week our inspiration comes from the runway of Dolce and Gabbana's Fall 2013 collection inspired, much like Maria-Tina, by the mosaic icons, paintings, colors, stained glass windows, sacred golden objects, and priest's robes of Orthodox they are with a twist!


    Maria-Tina's contribution to this look, a beautiful byzantine cross originally custom designed for a baptism.

    These lovelies are approx. 5/8" wide, 3/4" tall
     left:  18k solid gold, mini Open Floating Heart, lobster clasp and 16" 18k chain starting at $1650, add a ruby in the center and ruby accent bead on the chain $1750.
    center:  24k guilded ancient bronze (new code: 24kgbz) with ruby, 14k gold filled chain, mini Open Floating Heart with lobster clasp with ruby accent, 16" chain.....$245
    bottom:   Ancient Bronze with ruby, black chain with ruby accent, simple lobster clasp......$165 ............designer's special offering $145
                                         with 14k gold filled chain, Open floating heart clasp............$195. 


    Also available in solid sterling with a 16" chain, and rubies for $245.

    Applicable tax & shipping additional

    Please contact Maria-Tina to place orders and to request custom stone and chain lengths.


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    Autumn Is Upon Us

    The sounds of fall surround me as I write this blog today, the crisp wind whips around the chimney from Richardson's Bay, Canada Geese honk as they glide in formation just a foot above the water and the crunch of dried leaves rings through my mind as I forget for a moment that I am in California and not in a dense deciduous forest back east. Fall is upon us now and I can't help but let my mind wonder from these iconic autumnal sounds into the a world of tweed and velvet, mink and cashmere, into a world no farther away than the nearest Bloomingdales. Here are some couture inspirations drawn from Valentino's current collection that in my opinion are all missing something very important...... a piece of Maria-Tina Minoan Jewelry of course!
    by Carolyn Neer
    Valentino Couture Fall 2013 
    Valentino Couture Fall 2013
    Here are our suggestions to the design team at Valentino. 
    Petite Spiral Stackable Ring featured in 22 karat hand alloyed gold $795
    Also available in 18 karat gold starting at $595. Add something sparkly like a Diamond, Ruby, or Sapphire for an additional fee.
    Garnet Necklace
    Maria-Tina Signature clasp in 22 karat hand alloyed gold, faceted hand cut rhodalite garnets, approximately 20"      $1,585
    Call Maria-Tina now to schedule your own concierge jewelry experience this holiday season.   
    Thanks so much!  OPA!

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