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Autumn Is Upon Us

The sounds of fall surround me as I write this blog today, the crisp wind whips around the chimney from Richardson's Bay, Canada Geese honk as they glide in formation just a foot above the water and the crunch of dried leaves rings through my mind as I forget for a moment that I am in California and not in a dense deciduous forest back east. Fall is upon us now and I can't help but let my mind wonder from these iconic autumnal sounds into the a world of tweed and velvet, mink and cashmere, into a world no farther away than the nearest Bloomingdales. Here are some couture inspirations drawn from Valentino's current collection that in my opinion are all missing something very important...... a piece of Maria-Tina Minoan Jewelry of course!
by Carolyn Neer
Valentino Couture Fall 2013 
Valentino Couture Fall 2013
Here are our suggestions to the design team at Valentino. 
Petite Spiral Stackable Ring featured in 22 karat hand alloyed gold $795
Also available in 18 karat gold starting at $595. Add something sparkly like a Diamond, Ruby, or Sapphire for an additional fee.
Garnet Necklace
Maria-Tina Signature clasp in 22 karat hand alloyed gold, faceted hand cut rhodalite garnets, approximately 20"      $1,585
Call Maria-Tina now to schedule your own concierge jewelry experience this holiday season.   
Thanks so much!  OPA!

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