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Minoan Collection

Future Antiquities. When you want the best, and only the best.Greek Island House Couture Collection offers you the perfect marriage of art and craftsmanship. Unique, one of a kind jewelry that becomes living art when you wear it. These are pieces you will be handing down in your family for generations. Many of them may end up in museums a generation or two from now. They truly are Future Antiquities.

Maria-Tina selects gold nuggets which she then melts in a crucible and blends to her own secret alloys of gold, fine silver and copper. The flaming liquid gold is poured into ingots, hand milled, and hand pulled into sheets or long gold wire. From the ingots and wire, individually designed parts are hand hammered and hand crafted into the final piece according to her original design. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and other precious stones are added to complete a piece of wearable art that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Maria-Tina's designs are inspired by her Minoan Ancestors on the Island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea. They pre-date written language from a culture usually agreed to have created the greatest period of Art in human history (approximately 3500-1500 B.C.) under women's rule for 1500 consecutive years of peace--the longest continuous peace in history. Many of the icons in her designs were the first tentative steps toward a written human language in Greece when language itself was still in it's early stages. 

Photography by Barbara Robbins.

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