Classic Elegance with a little bit of Opa!

Show-Stoppers for Burning Man

Spirals, hearts, gold and turquoise, Maria-Tina's designs on paper, video and now in jewelry have always attracted the attention and adoration  of artists from across the world. For years she has been collaborating with fellow artists, creating unique, often outrageous and always beautiful custom pieces that blend their style with hers. Now Maria-Tina is working on a series of headpieces for festival goers (AKA Burners) at Burning Man! 

What is the Burning Man Festival? Watch the video and learn the history. 
Made of solid copper wire and encrusted with vintage faceted glass gems this head piece will be worn by a special friend at the 2015 Burning Man festival.
These crowns of creativity are meant to inspire and bring to light the fun, free spiritedness of Maria-Tina and her design aesthetic. She's like a Greek Betsy Johnson, and these crowns are here to prove it!  To order your own custom, show-stopping crown, call Maria-Tina directly at (415) 299-1442.

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