Classic Elegance with a little bit of Opa!

Sapphires For Your Love



Here at Greek Island House we are pleased to welcome in the year with new projects and new pieces for all of you.  I have some beautiful new sapphires to play with and am asking for your thoughts on what to make with them.  I wasn't looking for them, I just happened to be at my secret industry-only gemstone dealer in San Francisco, where I go through security and must get buzzed in through an iron gate, only to be welcomed by the owner and his stacks of trays of sparkling precious gems...  Then I spotted them... a gorgeous pair of deep, rich, red, dome-shaped, beautifully faceted, 12 mm diameter sapphires!  They reminded me of pomegranates!  There's only one pair and they will make beautiful earrings or cuff links, in gold, sterling or vermeil. I am offering them up to you first so let's create a custom piece using these beauties just in time for Valentine's Day! Prices starting at $750 please contact me directly to set up a design consultation!       415-299-1442 



In the meantime here is a little ancient Greek inspiration for you... a poem from the book " The Anakreontea" dating from between 100 - 600 BCE.       OPA!

It is a joy to walk 
where the meadows are in bloom, 
where gentle Zephros exhales his sweet breath, 
To look on the vines of Backchos, 
And then to enter under the blanket of their leaves, 
In your arms a silky girl, 
Every inch of her redolent 
of the essences of Kypris. 

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