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Maria-Tina's museum-quality Ancient Bronze jewelry are hand made at her studios in San Francisco and Marin County, California. Her pieces are hand hammered, hand fabricated and made to last. These Ancient Bronze pieces are hand cast using the ancient lost wax technique from Maria-Tina's originals, hand finished and polished. Because of the unique properties in Bronze these pieces have a finish ranging from yellow bronze to a rose gold look.

Enjoy giving a special something designed by Maria-Tina with lots of love!

Maria-Tina's museum quality solid gold and gold vermeil jewelry are hand made at her studios in San Francisco and Marin County, California. Her pieces are hand hammered, hand fabricated and/or hand cast and made to last. All 24k gilded jewelry is triple dipped (electroplated).  Maria-Tina's Vermeil jewelry is made with a solid sterling silver base.  All other pieces are made with an ancient bronze base. This ensures a durable gold finish that can withstand years of wear.  We also redip your pieces if ever needed.

Strong, handsome, resillient pieces that accent his style.

Future Antiquities. When you want the best, and only the best.Greek Island House Couture Collection offers you the perfect marriage of art and craftsmanship. Unique, one of a kind jewelry that becomes living art when you wear it. These are pieces you will be handing down in your family for generations. Many of them may end up in museums a generation or two from now. They truly are Future Antiquities.

Maria-Tina selects gold nuggets which she then melts in a crucible and blends to her own secret alloys of gold, fine silver and copper. The flaming liquid gold is poured into ingots, hand milled, and hand pulled into sheets or long gold wire. From the ingots and wire, individually designed parts are hand hammered and hand crafted into the final piece according to her original design. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and other precious stones are added to complete a piece of wearable art that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Maria-Tina's designs are inspired by her Minoan Ancestors on the Island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea. They pre-date written language from a culture usually agreed to have created the greatest period of Art in human history (approximately 3500-1500 B.C.) under women's rule for 1500 consecutive years of peace--the longest continuous peace in history. Many of the icons in her designs were the first tentative steps toward a written human language in Greece when language itself was still in it's early stages. 

Photography by Barbara Robbins.

Contact us to Order your customized Pet Open Floating Heart charm. 

Stay tuned...more info to come!

Maria-Tina with our first GIH mascot, Daisy Velvet Ears Karamanlakis, RIP.

Daisy is wearing her sterling silver Open Floating Heart with her hand stamped name & phone number for rescue.

Daraja means "bridge" in Swahili. These bangles celebrate and support the exceptional girls of the Daraja Academy in Kenya, Africa.

A collaboration and special project by Deborah Sanatana of and Maria-Tina Minoan Jewelry.

20 - 100% of profits will be donated to Daraja Academy directly (depending on piece ordered).

Hand made in San Francisco, California

For more info about Daraja please visit  Thank you!

Icons are more than art; they are "windows to heaven".

Sophia is the receptive, feminine force of God who created the world and everything in it.
She appears in the Bible as Hagia Sophia, the Holy Wisdom of God and is the root word of the Greek word "philosophia" meaning friend of wisdom.
The 9.5" x 12.5" Icon original was painted in the Church of St. Gregory of Nyssa in San Francisco, California by the hand of Maria-Tina Karamanlakis using traditional Byzantine Icon painting techniques and materials.

For more details about this icon please click here to view our Blog.

For special requests and to learn more about having an original Icon painted for you contact Maria-Tina at

All images, designs, info ©2016 Maria-Tina Karamanlakis

Start your collection of 6 time Emmy Award Winner Maria-Tina Karamanlakis' handcrafted jewelry for less than $100! Or add charms to a major piece. Or Maria-Tina can put them together into something special just for you.

 "Preppee Na Kanome Economia!" My Greek Father's saying about being economical, literally "we must make economy"!

Selecting your wedding rings will be one of the most romantic things you will ever do with your future husband or wife. Let us make it a lifetime memory for you both. Your rings will be custom designed and hand made by a 6 Time Emmy Award Winning designer, Maria-Tina Karamanlakis. Choose the look and feel of your wedding jewelry from a wide variety of precious stones and metals perfectly matched to your colors, personal taste and lifestyle.