Classic Elegance with a little bit of Opa!

Viva la Dolce Vita!

We had so much fun researching couture inspiration for you all last week that we couldn't help but share some more. This week our inspiration comes from the runway of Dolce and Gabbana's Fall 2013 collection inspired, much like Maria-Tina, by the mosaic icons, paintings, colors, stained glass windows, sacred golden objects, and priest's robes of Orthodox they are with a twist!


Maria-Tina's contribution to this look, a beautiful byzantine cross originally custom designed for a baptism.

These lovelies are approx. 5/8" wide, 3/4" tall
 left:  18k solid gold, mini Open Floating Heart, lobster clasp and 16" 18k chain starting at $1650, add a ruby in the center and ruby accent bead on the chain $1750.
center:  24k guilded ancient bronze (new code: 24kgbz) with ruby, 14k gold filled chain, mini Open Floating Heart with lobster clasp with ruby accent, 16" chain.....$245
bottom:   Ancient Bronze with ruby, black chain with ruby accent, simple lobster clasp......$165 ............designer's special offering $145
                                     with 14k gold filled chain, Open floating heart clasp............$195. 


Also available in solid sterling with a 16" chain, and rubies for $245.

Applicable tax & shipping additional

Please contact Maria-Tina to place orders and to request custom stone and chain lengths.



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