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Fall is the harvest season and in Greece the fruits of the season are Pomegranates. Here at Greek Island House we are honoring the harvest with a few new pieces featuring garnet cabochon "pomegranate seeds". Fitting to the stone's etymology, the name garnet actually comes from the word granatum, the pomegranate. As a traditional symbol of fertility and femininity, the pomegranate has been a feature symbol in Greek art and literature for thousands of years and plays a major part in Maria-Tina's Jewelry today. So harvest your crop of Maria-Tina Minoan Jewelry today and enjoy the splendor the season.


Open Heart Rings with Garnet "Pomegranate Seeds" 

  • Hand hammered solid sterling silver heart rings
  • LEFT rhodolite garnet (magenta or plum hues)
  • RIGHT almandine garnet (brick red)
  • $145 each special ($165 each regular price) 



Did you know?... the Spanish City of Granada was named after the delicious fruit. 


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