Classic Elegance with a little bit of Opa!


Before summer comes to a complete close, before the last social event has come and gone, and before that fateful day when all your white hot outfits must make their way back to the closet, get one last hit of that endless summer feeling with this gorgeous new bracelet from Maria-Tina Karamanlakis.

Harnessed within this petite little bauble is the hypnotizing lap of Aegean waves, the sizzling hot shine of the Mediterranean sun, and the unique beauty of each grain of sand on the beach. No matter what kind of summer you had this year, where you went or what you saw, this great little bracelet will make this summer the summer of your dreams.


There are many ways to buy.

Featured in Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, 22k gold hand fabricated beads,14k gold clasp and 22k Open Floating Heart. $525

Customize your bracelet by choosing the stone option that fits your personality (rubies, tourmaline, emerald, ect.), by adding more gold beads, or choosing the perfect metal for your taste (18 karat gold, Sterling Silver, Ancient Bronze). Please contact Maria-Tina for more information or to place an order.



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