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An Increase in your Jewelry's value!

Attention Turquoise Collectors!

The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine has been laid to rest permanently! After decades of mining stunning bright blue turquoise from their mines in Globe, Arizona the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine is officially closed.This means all of you collectors with fabulous jewelry pieces of sleeping beauty turquoise have just received a boost in your investment. Now that the supply of this rare kind of turquoise has been permanently limited you will see an increase in the value of your jewelry and an increase in the price of future pieces. 

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Coveted by collectors for decades, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is distinct from other varieties of turquoise because of its vibrant blue coloration, limited amount of matrices (veins of copper) and similarity to the most highly valued turquoise in the world, Persian Turquoise. 

If you don't own any of the amazing turquoise already there is still a chance to get in on the action. Lucky for you Maria-Tina has saved a small stock of sleeping beauty turquoise for the her customers. So order now and get your sleeping beauty turquoise while supplies last. 


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  • the collection of island house is amazing, the color they choose the design they thinking is appreciable i often see their new arrival. unique design always find in Greece handmade products


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