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Bring on the Bronze!



The Bronze Age began at different times in different parts of the world but it generally begins around 3000 B.C. and ends around 1200 B.C. During that period people began to form the first cities, invent proto-writing that would later become written language and to build vast trade networks based on the new metal--bronze. At that time bronze was the hardest metal known to mankind.

During the Bronze Age human beings learned to mine tin, and to smelt it. Then we developed ways to add it to molten copper to make tools, weapons, armor, art and all kinds of building materials including decorative tiles. The demand for bronze created trade networks that began to tie the developing cities together and eventually transformed the world.

Maria-Tina’s ancestors first appeared on the Island of Crete at the beginning of the Bronze age.They built the Minoan Civilization which became one of the most advanced civilizations in history. Even today the proto-writing of the Minoans (Linear A ) cannot be translated. So most of what is known of the earliest part of the civilization on Crete is known from the icons and art of the time.

It is that art that inspired Maria-Tina to create the “icons of happiness” that make her work unique and take us back to a time when art and written language were the same thing. This month she is introducing her newest collection, “The Bronze Age”.


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