Classic Elegance with a little bit of Opa!

Celebrate the Hero in your Family

Amphora ca. 530 B.C.


While Father’s Day was not a common celebration in Greece, let alone America until around the 1970’s, Greek soldiers coming home from battle were perhaps the first fathers to be honored and glorified as we do with our fathers today. With small conflicts occurring between city-states on a near constant basis, the importance of a strong, well-trained army was paramount and celebration of men's bravery in battle permeated every aspect of Greek society.

Greek men took pride in their fighting abilities and rank within the army, as it was in direct relation to their social and economic status off the battlefield. A major symbol of wealth and power for these distinguished male figures thus came from the military memorabilia they had in their homes. In their Panoply (set of armor) the Hoplites of Greece had an intimidating array of iron weapons and bronze armor and shields, the latter measuring nearly 30 inches in diameter and weighing  up to 70 pounds (Metropolitan Museum of Art).


This Father’s Day give your Dad the status of a Greek soldier with this handmade Arrowhead Pendant by Emmy award-winning designer Maria-Tina Karamanlakis. Featured in solid Sterling Silver with Turquoise and Garnet Cabochon on a robust sterling silver chain, this necklace is sure to inspire the hero in your dad this father's day. Also available in Ancient Bronze. Please contact Maria-Tina to place your order.




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