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New Artist Enrichment Workshops

At Greek Island House we believe that art can only be fully appreciated when it is shared with friends, family and the rest of the world. It is this belief that drives us every day to create and share with the world an art-form that travels with you everywhere you go, prominently placed upon your breast, dangling coyly from your ear, or making music on your wrists as you cook in the kitchen or work on the computer. Adding yet another way to share the wonders of art with the world, we at Greek Island House are proud to announce the opening of enrollment in our artist enrichment workshops at Scintillant Studios in San Francisco. 

Here is an excerpt from the course description: 
When you leave this class you will know the specific basic business skills that every artist needs to know in order to generate more money for you and your work. We will work on your actual real life business challenges... 

For more information and to enroll please go to and click on Workshops.

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