Classic Elegance with a little bit of Opa!

Revival of the Ring


Peace never goes out of style and Maria-Tina’s newest ring is a testament to that. This 22 karat gold Peace ring is a constant reminder for us to make peace in our world. At Greek Island House we are all about making jewelry with a purpose, whether it is to bring us back to an ancient era, tell us a story of a long gone civilization or simply remind us of our spiritual quest for betterment. We believe that jewelry should be more than a shiny piece of metal. Maria-Tina’s newest Peace ring does just that, brings us back to a by-gone era and serves to remind us that peace begins within each one of us right now.


Peace Ring

22 karat hand fabricated solid gold

Stamped with Minoan nature symbols

Special order piece (each one made by hand by Maria-Tina) please allow for 4 weeks delivery time




Ruby Raindrop Earrings

22 karat hand fabricated solid gold

Faceted briolette rubies




Triple Halo Ring 

22 karat gold hand fabricated solid gold 

Hand hammered and individually wrapped to fit your finger





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