Classic Elegance with a little bit of Opa!

One Big OPA to all the Grads!

Greek Island House says OPA! to all those graduates out there. 
Mark this important milestone with a treasure from Maria-Tina Minoan Jewelry.  
Inspired by the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, patron of the city of Athens, Athena’s shield is an everlasting symbol of wisdom, courage, inspiration and justice, mathematics and the arts ,perfect for every degree and major your graduate has received Athena’s shield is the ideal symbol for their new found wisdom. And through wisdom comes prosperity. Whether strung from a neck or dangling from the ears, these beautiful shields are suspended on a golden thread, a natural talisman bringing success and prosperity to anyone who wears it!
  • Solid sterling silver shields, hand cast from a Maria-Tina original 
  • Shields stamped with peace and nature symbols
  • 24 karat gold vermeil ear wire
  • customizable with birthstone
  • Approx. 3/4" long
  • Solid sterling silver shield, hand cast from a Maria-Tina original 
  • Shields stamped with peace and nature symbols
  • 14 karat gold filled chain with golden tourmaline accents and sterling silver beads
  • Sterling silver heart lobster clasp
  • customizable with birthstone 
  • Approx. 3/4" pendant, 18" adjustable chain 
Athenian Owls, thick, heavy, high-relief silver coins minted more than 2,000 years ago, were arguably the most influential of all coins, and the Classical Owl tetradrachm, pictured above, is the most widely recognized ancient coin among the general public today.


  • i have one of this where can i sell it and how much it will cost

  • What is the price of this coin?


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