Classic Elegance with a little bit of Opa!

For the Love of Pearls!

As Maria-Tina's assistant lots of necklaces pass my eyes on a regular basis, but when she pulled this beauty out I couldn't help but fall in love! So in honor of Valentine's day I'm sharing my favorite piece with all of you!
Picking the right pearl necklace is a delicate art. It's just like trimming bonzi bushes or layering the philo in baklava, you have to have practice, technique and skill. While designing this pearl necklace Maria-Tina has shown she has all of these things in abundance! Measuring approximately 18" in length, this string of pearls hits in just the right place, framing the neck in a delicate but glamorous way that exudes elegance and beauty while the rich champagne color of the pearls reflects the warmth of the wearer's skin. The tiny gold beads that peak out from between the pearls add interest and catch one's eye even in the softest of lighting, leading it slowly up to the grand finally of the necklace... Maria-Tina's Signature Heart Spiral Clasp. 
  • Baroque Pearls 
  • 24 karat gold vermeil beads
  • 24 karat gold vermeil hand hammered Maria-Tina Signature Clasp
  • Approx. 19" length
Buy one for the love of pearls this Valentine's Day! 
 $325 Special ($388.00 regular)
- Carolyn Neer 
Maria-Tina Minoan Jewelry

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